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Miss Lily. 18. SWAG, GLAMOUR, FUNNY SHIT. I have big dreams & I post whvtr I like..
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get over yourself dude if you were a dolphin that law degree would be fucking useless

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can apple computers like… . ….u know.… .….  ., ., , ., …not be $1,000

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This toddler just discovered she can, in fact, hug dogs. And she is fucking proud.
Strippers are people, too.


Every now and then, I google legal ways to make quick money fast

Every option comes up except for possibly the most lucrative option.

Donate sperm, plasma, your eggs for Pete’s sake- but not stripping.

Strippers are people, too.

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they’ll probably mispronounce my name at my funeral

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i don’t understand people who make multiple facebook statuses every day like wtf i haven’t made a facebook status since like world war 2

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i hope 2014 is the year I finally get a 31 year old boyfriend

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Before you cheat on your girl.. just think how good she is too you & how good the sex is. The way she throws it back and tells you she loves you, the she screams your name when you hit that spot, how wet her shit get, how loyal she is to you, how beautiful she is.. her smile, her hugs, her corny jokes, the way she teases you, her annoying ass texts & crazy phone calls with her unconditional love… Now imagine another nigga having all that.

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this is a formal apology to everyone that has ever tried to text me

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this is a formal apology to everyone that has ever tried to text me

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Marilyn knew what was up

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